Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Rules for tonight’s Twitter fun.

So we did this last year.  It was the first time it had ever been attempted for a live professional sports broadcast and, as I wrote in the hours before it began, “I think we’re about to find out why.”

But as chaotic-as-a-Nicki-Minaj-stage-performance as it was, we made history and had some fun in the process.

Tonight, the sequel.  And here’s how it works.  I’ll call the game by myself courtside in Chicago, and where Cedric Maxwell would normally come in, I’ll look down at the Twitter feed and incorporate your comments in real time. 

Send your in-game tweets to @SeanGrandePBP with the hashtag #CelticsRadio.

The guys will be retweeting some of the best tweets during the night and for the author of the best one?  Two tickets to see that guy, the NBA’s own version of Beiber-fever, Jeremy Lin and the Knicks in Boston for the big Sunday afternoon ABC game on March 4th.

If you don’t hear your tweet on the air, it’s still very much eligible for the prize. By using #CelticsRadio, we’ll make sure every one of them gets read and while I’ll have some input, our esteemed studio producer @JonAlbanese will make the final call.  I was married for nine years, believe me I know how to avoid unwinnable situations.

Thanks for playing and enjoy, it will be a fascinating exercise in hopeless and unconquerable multi-tasking if nothing else.

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